Innovate Yourself in the Corporate World – Part 2

June 07, 2019
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After our post of why innovating yourself is important in the corporate world, there are few techniques you can use to keep innovating.

Here’s how you can try innovating …

  • Take up people-watching, see how people react to certain things, see how their body language changes when they are happy, disturbed or sad. Learn to be aware that people in your team can help you be better at improvisation, because you can draw upon your mutual understanding and a shared background of experiences.
  • Listen to conversations in a crowd, keep your senses open, you never know what leads to the next big idea. Movies which are built on great stories don’t come by at a drop of a hat; every story behind the movie has a story of its own.

Here, I would really like to give an example of one of the finest actors in India today, Mr. Nawazuddin. It is encouraging to see him build the status quo and take up roles that need an actor to break away from regular patterns. From a small role in Munnabhai MBBS to Lunch Box he has only showcased talent beyond extraordinary.

Innovation starts with You

Ultimately, innovation starts with you. Not censoring yourself is a key component of being innovative. Unfortunately, though, we are conditioned to certain aspects of our lives because we have stayed that way for many years; we avoid speaking our hearts, making points that could be unrelated, or whatever else we may fear being or doing in front of others. This is the most difficult speed breaker for most people when it comes to being Innovative.

Finding innovation in oneself

Creative skills are not genetic or built in your DNA. In fact, they can be developed and enhanced by only by you. Innovators can be created… they are made! To be an innovator today, you have to want to change what your think about yourself. You have to be open to take calculated risks. You have to show the courage to change.

Actcelerate was started with a thought of how we can leverage my experience of cinema and theatre to another world. It was only at a conversation over coffee with my wife, when we realised: why not think out of the box, why not make this bigger, why not look for the extraordinary. That is when we realised why not take this to the corporate world.

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