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Organizations achieve growth, better performance and talent retention by enhancing employee potential, engagement, and creativity. We offer tools, training and support necessary to help your employees have a thriving mindset a fulfilling career and a meaningful life without sacrificing one for the other.

How we do it makes all the difference

We work with our clients through group therapies, workshops & coaching on how to heal the underlying causes of burnout, get back-to-work stress, employee disengagement and other mental, emotional and workplace disruption.


Leadership needs a balanced foundation. We help achieve this by synchronizing mind, body and soul.


Helping teams to move from silos to collaboration, growth mindset and happiness


Mindset Training with strategy, discipline and persistence is the food for entrepreneurship

For Entrepreneurs

Mindset Training with strategy, discipline and persistence is the need for the entrepreneur







Companies gain more than they sign up for
Why choose Us?


Clarity of thoughts and optimal efficiency bring new ideas to the table - empowering to build a better risk-taking appetite and overall happiness.

Why choose Us?


People build connections, greater tolerance and understanding of each other, and push each other to the next level of their capabilities.

Why choose Us?


Our sessions are tailored to tap into the emotional intelligence, mindfulness and bring in their best performance through focus and innovation.


The togetherness and oneness we were trying to achieve for last 2 years happened in 2 days for us with Actcelerate. I still cant believe that so much can happen in 2 days. We are going back happy, together and rejuvenated.

Leading Bank

I learnt various tools to help me get into the present moment & help me focus. I realized it for the first time that I am spontaneous and creative which I never believed in.

Investment Banking Firm

This emotional dry-cleaning is going to help me to increase my productivity and efficiency at work & bring in harmony in my relations. Recommend Actcelerate’s workshops to one and all.

E-Commerce Giant

The workshop we had with Actcelerate for 300 people was a huge success. We have never seen our employees so energized, enthusiastic and motivated like we can see them after the workshop.

Big 5 Cement Company

I realised that it’s not about the technical aspects of communication but the non-technical aspects like inhibitions and fears regarding public speaking which I dropped. I can now express myself completely and can talk anywhere, in front of anyone, openly, freely and spontaneously.

Fortune 500 Management Consultancy

I walked into this workshop thinking about how to enhance my communication. This workshop has helped me to get back to my basics. Now I can see spontaneity in me. I realized how important it is to be sensitive towards situations and people while expressing.

Start-Up Design Company

Actcelerate has helped us create connect among our volunteers and with a cause that has happened with a great deal of ease and fun. Prashant goes out of his way to delve into the organization and to find what is the required outcome of the workshop and works with clear focus towards that intent.

Community Organization

The workshop for me was great for team bonding and spontaneity, as working in new business divisions involves closing deals with new clients as a team. And this workshop helped us achieve that. Prashant brings in great energy and vibrancy to the workshops. I would really recommend his training for all organizations.

Business Development Head,
Top 5 Advertising Company

This workshop broke the format that I have been living in. It made me realize that I can have multiple solutions to one given issue. The drama helped me to watch myself in situations to bring in more diplomacy.

Top North American Retail Giant

The workshop brought in clear and courageous communication in me and I am able to present myself confidently. At the same time, the workshop conducted by Prashant was fun-filled and engaging.

Top 5 Share Trading Company

With the techniques and tools Prashant has, one gets to realm of world where senses are preceded by imagination, limitations by possibilities and tragic cases by comic atmosphere. So, if you are planning for any corporate training which doesn't bombard team with devices, presentations, laptops and round table conferences - give it a shot for Prashant.

Pharma Giant

Having attended a few training session earlier, I went into this one with a set of prejudice that was built up over a period of time. But, boy I was wrong. Prashant and team were nothing like trainers I have interacted with in the past. It is a must attend for all who are working very hard to grow in the corporate set up.

Best Asian Artificial Intelligence Company

We had a lot of options when we discussed about our leadership program but we chose Actcelerate. I feel very proud about our decision today. Workshop covered all the aspects of life. I also liked the sequence of the workshop. I would also recommend this session to all the corporates as this adds a lot of value to their teams.

E-Commerce Unicorn

I had the opportunity to attend a two-day workshop conducted by Prashant and the premise of the workshop was to help one harness their true potential and the workshop did exactly that. Prashant kept us engaged completely through the program and facilitated great outcomes.

Artificial Intelligence Company

Before coming for the workshop I was feeling numb about a few areas of my life. This workshop has helped me to know where that numbness was coming from. It has helped me to express myself completely and it’s huge for me. I am feeling confident, expressive and clear.

Freelance Artist

Being an overly expressive person, workshop has helped me to tone myself down. I’ve learnt how to listen with sensitivity. I feel spontaneous, free and easy while communicating.

Talent Specialist & Interview Coach