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Mindfulness at Workplace is a gentle and empathetic way to enhance focus, growth, and harmony within a person and team. There is no pre-requisite for this training and people from diverse backgrounds can practice it. 

Happy or Right? | Breathe In and Out | R.I.S.E


The only way to survive and succeed in these new times - Innovation. Our sessions tap into innovative and imaginative nerves to help people go beyond their job profiles. This shifts their teams from linear thinking to an imaginative sphere.

Innovation@leadership | There is no box | Imagine


From bonding within teams to clinching big business deals, stories can help people achieve what they want. Our sessions use this age-old technique to resolve new-age scenarios.

Art & Science of Storytelling | Make conversations interesting! | Storytelling@Work.


Our mindset involves our vision, communication, relationships, focus at work and behavioral elements. If we want to enhance any aspect of our people or teams, we need mindset awareness and shift. Mindfulness, Psychodrama and therapeutic skills are practiced during this training program.

A Perfect Cup of Tea | Be The Tree | Thriving Mindset


The world belongs to everyone – whatever be the age, gender, ethnicity, religion, disability, sexual orientation, education, and national origin. Through our workshops, we empower people by focusing on respecting and valuing each other’s differences.

I-Me-You-He-She = Same | DEI Theater | Be Mindful


Create harmony and collaboration within people with mindful communication, assertive speaking and mindful listening. Wouldn't it be great to have reduced misunderstandings and respectful dialogue?

Intuitive Communication | Art of Listening | Stage Power


Winning teams happen when different thriving mindsets come together to respect each other's thoughts and collaborate towards one vision. This mindset-based training helps people to come out of their silos and create togetherness at every level. 

We are One | We versus I | T.E.A.M


Sales are not just about selling, aggression, product knowledge and 100K emails. It is about reading, observing and being mindful of our client's needs, innovative strategies and the 80/20 rule.

That is the Target | Innovative Selling | S.A.L.E.S


When people join an organization or team, welcoming them with strength-based therapy, open arms and appreciation helps them to feel belong, included and grow.

Belonging & Inclusion | New Beginnings | W.E.L.C.O.M.E