Letting people script our performance

People may not always feel inspired in the creative field. Or the sales team may need a break from chasing numbers. We at Actcelerate are here with a simple solution – a situational theatrical performance.

Our team of talented actors perform message-driven scripted or impromptu plays for teams. This helps them have an objective outlook towards situations at work. They decipher the gaps within and as teams that need addressing, boosting their productivity and efficiency.

What we do

Impromptu performance is the key. Our team of trained actors visits the organizations in their premises. We enact a theater performance that is scripted on-the-go with leads from the audience – the team members. Our team stages the act and inspires people to suggest more situations to take the story forward. The audience is hooked as they feel a part of it. Such an impromptu, unpracticed situation lets our team get into the minds of the audience. The situations they suggest often hint at what truly runs in their minds – the challenges at work, the stress of life and more. With such a light and breezy act, people feel rejuvenated to take on the challenges at work with more enthusiasm and energy.



We present customized theater plays exclusively created for an organization and its teams. Such plays are focused on a core message that needs to be passed on to the teams. Our talented team of actors perform a play at a pre-decided venue for specific teams of the organization.


Playback Theater

Presenting Unscripted Theater. Our actors take real instances from audience members’ lives and perform on the spot. The subjects waver from Conflicts, Innovation, Collaboration, Diversity at work and more.


Forum Theater

A step ahead of Playback Theater, here the audience members are invited to perform with actors. This helps organizations in understanding and resolving various situations at work.


Improv Theater

Here’s an evening that will be filled with entertainment. While our performers tickle teams’ funny bones, the teams get a refreshing experience. Result: Teams inspired to start afresh at work.