Innovating yourself in the corporate world

June 07, 2019
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There is no such thing as becoming creative or innovative on the spot, out of the blue. Most people would be baffled if you ask them to do something on the spot – even actors. Innovation is not just being creative, actor or a corporate aspect, it starts with YOU.


Our new post is divided in two parts:
1) Why is innovating yourself in the corporate world important?
2) Doing little things that will help you to keep innovating.

What is innovation, exactly?

Over the past few years as an actor, one thing that got me hooked on to this field is ‘innovation’. After doing more than 100 ad films and 20 TV shows, every audition I give, one thing is necessary: ‘to stand out from the rest’. For example, while doing improvisation we have nothing planned. No structure. No story. No character. Nothing except an outline that we get from the audience at the beginning of the play. I was fascinated by what makes innovation work in cinema and theatre. What creates greatest level of creativity that we see in our movies? What allows a complex, story to emerge from nothing but a simple idea? What is the ‘magic formula’ that allows a fully formed, movie – with believable characters and plot?
Unveiling the secret behind innovation

I soon realized that the connections between following the principles of improvisational theatre and being able to adapt, can help create and improvise effectively in the work place. That is when I realized how well cinema and theatre can be a solution provider in new ways and reach peak levels of innovative thinking in the corporate world. As actors, we have to be open to new ideas, characters and stories; regardless of whether we know the output. Actors and other individuals who live in the world of cinema and theatre would tell you that this kind of mind-set is a part of their everyday work culture. So, what can we learn from the way actors and other theatre artists work that will help us be more innovative, too? Now it’s time to talk about you and how you can innovate yourself.

When it comes to learning how to be more innovative, there are a few key areas on which we can concentrate to innovate ourselves:

Innovators look for the extraordinary!

Innovators are interrogators. They look for that one unique thing. They are great observers. They link ideas that are not normally connected. Innovators consistently question, observe, network and experiment more than the others. In cinema, I have observed how Sir Amitabh Bachchan has always innovated himself from the angry young man in Deewar, to a romantic hero in Kabhi Kabhi to a childlike enthusiast in Pa; he moulds himself into the character which wouldn’t have been possible if didn’t experiment with innovation.

Innovators encourage curiosity to excel

Most of us have problems and at the same time opportunities sitting in front of us. But, how many of us actually find solutions to those problems and have the courage to grab the opportunity? Thinking and acting as an innovator can help you grab that opportunity, climb the ladder and showcase your strengths which you have been under playing.
Staying curious keeps your mind engaged and alive. It’s time to relive that young childish inquisitiveness about everything around you. While reading Mr. Piyush Pandey’s book called Pandemonium, I have realised one thing, he wouldn’t have been able to create the magic if he didn’t ask questions to the people who passed by in his life at every stage, be it a carpenter or a cobbler. He wouldn’t have built brands such as Pidilite or Asian Paints without innovative story telling.

Innovators break from the regular patterns

Most organizations work inside the box, it’s only in the last few years we have seen entrepreneurs who have the courage to live their dreams. They get inspired by stories, by people, by movies and much more… to seek inspiration you must engage yourself.  By engaging in some simple activities that are typical pursuits of actors and creative writers, you can start developing these qualities without any help from anyone else.
We will soon share part 2 of this post on ‘Doing little things that will help you to keep innovating’.

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