Wearing a cinematic hat in the corporate world

June 07, 2019
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There is cinematic angle in everyone’s life; on stage, in front of the camera and in our work  life. Actors and business leaders share similar goals: they present themselves confidently to their audience , they are persuasive communicators, and excellent negotiators. They think out of the box,   solve problems creatively and  lead others toward a common mission. At the end, they are truly the  superstars.

Today the corporate  draw lessons from cinema & theatre to enhance employee capability, enabling them  to become strong leaders and communicators,

Cinema in corporate world is not about creating actors, it is about unforgettable experiences while being able to explore oneself through fun, introspection and communication. It gives the the employees an opportunity to participate in various exercises that help them  realise their potential, be inspired, communicate, think out of the box, induce confidence, enhance team spirit, and finally have people skills, that  can be used in life and business growth. Cinematic strategies  is about enhancing how an employee approaches across range of business solutions.

Cinema and theatre role play is a powerful tool for development and change,  it allows those participating to observe themselves and understand  their   behaviour patterns, it also helps to get to the bottom of a challenge. Everyone has a side of them, which either they are not aware of, or they don’t use; but what cinematic tools in corporate does is gives an  opportunity to be aware of the side of our self that relates to the characters and the role we play..

Being imaginative brings out skills that are required today in business to excel and grow. Everyone wants to be ahead of the game, be different and authoritative, but very few people are willing to let go of the rigidness and tackle to bring out their creative sides. Cinema helps people be themselves. It brings out surprising skills, which can be applied to the business world, but it is not about learning to mask behaviours; it is about exploring emotions, responsiveness, self-assurance, projection and authenticity. Its about realising our own inner power!

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