Testimonials from the participants of Actcelerate’s workshops

June 07, 2019
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Chitra Balachandran (HR Regional Head of Fabindia)

This workshop broke the format that I have been living in. It made me realize that I can have multiple solutions to one given issue. The drama helped me to watch myself in situations to bring in more diplomacy.

Narrish Thakurani (Client Servicing of Publicis India)

I learnt being assertive & expressive and being creative. I has inspired me to bring a new look to my regular job and use my learning to innovate my presentation.

Navin Mahtani (Training Head of Motilal Oswal)

The workshop brought in clear and courageous communication in me and I am able to present myself confidently. At the same time, the workshop conducted by Prashant was fun-filled and engaging.

Karishma Birdy (Business Development Head of Ogilvy India)

The workshop for me was great in terms of team bonding and spontaneity as working in new business division involves closing deals with new clients as a team and this helps.

Deepti Jani (Regional HR Head of Radio Mirchi)

Before conducting our first workshop with Actcelerate we did not know what to expect, what is going to happen. By the time the workshop ended, I realized that it has gone beyond a normal 2-day training, people are already thinking at a meta-physical level and we have achieved more than what we had planned in the meeting. Thank you Prashant. We are looking forward to a lot more workshops together.

Miten Udeshi (Colorist & CEO of a studio)

I realized that people who work with me and not my enemies but my friends. I now believe after this workshop that there is this quirky humour and spontaneity present in me.Now on, I will use that humour to bring in lightness in my life. Thank you Prashant for everything.

Anshu Shrivastava (CEO of Investment Banking Firm)

I learnt various tools to help me get into the present moment & help me focus. I realized it for the first time that I am spontaneous and creative which I never believed in.

Namrata Singh (CEO of Dark Horse media)

I came in this workshop with few of my staff members on an instinct. I realized the bonding which I was not able to create in months within them has happened in one day. It helped us break the hierarchy and come together as a team. I learnt to trust myself and that its ok to make a fool of myself! Thank you Prashant.

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