The Significance of Confusion and how Theatre-Meditation can help you gain Creativity & Clarity

June 07, 2019
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One of the biggest fear in life and work is Confusion. It just does not let the person to go ahead. This confusion makes you lost, irritated, angry etc… But take a moment out and think. Confusion is not always a bad thing. However, it is a natural and healthy part of the creative process. Confusion leads the mind to think better, judge both the sides and helps you make the final decision with more clarity. What is strange is when you start believing you are not good enough in this whole confusion. That’s when questions like, “Can I do it”? “Is this meant for me”, “Am I worth it?” but these thoughts do not nurture the creative thinking and will stop you from creating something new and wonderful.

Let’s ask ourselves today, “What is Confusion?” Confusion is the state of being confused or unclear in our mind about something. It is a state of not knowing. But we forget that every genius in this world has gone through a state of confusion. It comes with the territory of exploring new ideas, new thoughts and new beginnings. This is the beginning of our curiosity to build in. It is when we are open to explore and start conversations with people. It builds a system where the mind is open to hear, know and learn.

The creative process is not time bound. There is no short-cut to creativity and clarity. And there hasn’t been a creative process where the mind has not been confused.  Theatre and meditation plays a big role in defining the creative process through a confused mind. It helps our mind not to fight confusion. But accept it and evolve through it. It’s a stage you must pass through to create something new. Fighting confusion only makes it worse.

How to Apply Meditation and Theatre to ‘The Creative Process’

Get back your focus & clarity: Start doing something spontaneously which your mind is not prepared of such as singing, dancing, talking loudly to yourself or jumping & so on(Please avoid doing in front of others!). Spontaneity helps us to bring ourselves to the present moment and brings in clarity.

Getting ready for some meeting: a short form of breathing meditation, helps in boosting clearing our blocked thinking passages. Try meditating before your brainstorming and ideation sessions so that you are less distracted, fully focused and can produce higher quality initial rough ideas.

Quick Relaxing: Many people find it hard to go offline, relax, and stop obsessing over small things. Even a short meditation can calm your distracting thoughts, reduce anxiety or stress, and help you just be in silence. And, who knows your next big idea may even appear during meditation! The point is, don’t try to make more confusion out of the confusion. Just let it be!.  Relax and let the clarity come naturally! Relax by just sitting in your seat and taking a 10 min power nap, or just walking around your office without talking to anyone, listen to some soulful music.

Awareness: When we practice meditation, we are get clarity and can see our thoughts better—In other words, meditation and theatre activities help in increasing awareness. It makes your mind think differently. It gives a perspective to see small fragments in a bigger picture.

The Result:  It is not always important to stay focused, positive and motivated to think of the big idea. Even if the first attempt doesn’t get you the results you want, each time adds to the next.  The creative process is a window into our rational thinking. It is about how we apply it. If you just sit and accept the confusion, it will surely help you reach the CLARITY and DECISION MAKING.

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